Sunday, May 15, 2005

A plea for help

My life seems to be entirely defined by computer problems.

In work, thats what I do. They call me when something breaks and I fix it. Over the years, I have gotten quite good at that and so theres less and less problems (and $, someone hire me damnit)

At home, I'm just too damned complicated. ~1tb of space spread out over 3 main comps and 2-3 other random ones that are usually on my network for one reason or another.

And its ALWAYS PROBLEMS. TV comp's (hooked to tv, and its WONDERFUL when it works) power supply died about 2 weeks ago, so I have a 300w in there from another comp that cant POSSIBLY hope to handle the 6 hds and 2 cdroms AND ATI AIW it has in it, so most of my data drives are inaccessable to me.

Fine, sucks, but when I can scrape the cash together its easily fixed. But the other day windows refused to boot, telling me its missing some file and to run the windows setup recovery console. Oh yes thank you microsoft for such a useless recovery option. Did you guys miss DOS or what?

And my main comp.... I just do too much weird crap too often so it needs a format like every 3 months... and I'm sick of it.

My WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL p2 233 server (1st comp I ever built and I love it to death) NEVER has problems. Running w2k I had it up for over a year once till the power went out.

So I've put 2 80gb drives and mirrored them and I want to put all my critical data on it, which means moving my My Documents folder over and telling windows to look over there.

Well, stupid windows just HAS to 'Sync' the folder, meaning it copies it to the C drive for my convinience lest the server is inaccessable. Nice, but I DONT HAVE THE SPACE ON MY C: for that. I had 0kb free today...

So I had to undo it and put them back on the local D drive as they were before.

So I need help- I'm not stupid, you can shut off folder syncronization- except for my documents apparently, the option to do so is greyed out.

Need fix please...

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