Wednesday, February 09, 2005

dealing with the gov sucks part 1 of ?

So when I got in my little accident I decided that maybe I should start wondering where the heck my renewed drivers liscence is. It had been about 60 days which it turns out is the time to start wondering.

So I call the ever so friendly and efficient DMV about when I was going to get it in the mail. Amazingly, the menu system was one of the best Ive dealt with recently and I got to a human after about 2 minutes of menu and 2 minutes on hold.

The woman was nice and helpful, she told me that I havent gotten my drivers liscence because the DMV had intergrated with the national social security database, and my Social Security numbers dont match. I would need to come in with a social security card to get my liscence.

So a couple questions came to my mind. I asked her if they were ever going to notify me of this or if I was understood to be psychic. She said yes, but Sacremento (our lovely dirtbowl state capital) had a 8-10 week 'backup' on sending out the notices. (Seriously how hard is that, I bet they dont even have to lick a stamp.)

She was nice tho, so the question I didnt ask was: If your're not going to send me my liscence, WHY did you cash the check? But really, its government, if someone sends them a check theyre DAMN well gonna cash it.

So the problem is: I dont HAVE a SS card, it burned in my fire like 12 yrs ago. So first I gotta get that. Leading me to the lovely 'Ziggaraut' federal building.

!!if windows would talk to my phone there would be a picture here!!

No parking in the front entrance, (later i found out there was in the back) so I and several others at least (Seemed most going in or out) had to park across the street at the Walmart, but thats ok, I like to walk.

Thru the metal detector I go. Pass, didnt even have to take off belt or shoes or anything. Then I walk up to the room I'm gonna have to sit in and he tells me if I have a phone I have to shut it off. So I do, but he quickly changes his tune and tells me I have to put it in my car. (turns out its because its a camera phone)

I protested, telling him I was all the way across the street and could he or the other security gaurd hold it. Nope, thats too inteligent, back to my car I went. Dumped off my palm too to prevent further retardedness. (missed that palm later while waiting)

Finally get to the window. Dont get the exceedingly attractive girl, get the guy instead. He takes my name and tells me to wait. 45 pointless minutes later my name is called (by the same guy.. my luck sucks) and Im done in 30 seconds.

So glad to be out of there.

Getting home I called my seemingly long lost friend Jeannine who invited me to lunch with Lydia (whos name I still am not sure how to spell and am beginning to care less and less) and had fun, being outdoors restored me.

Of course, whenever this card finally comes in the mail, I get to repeat the process at the dmv, I bet thatll be even MORE fun...

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