Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My new superpower!!

Lets see, since windows doesnt like connecting to my cellphone (softwares fault) no pics, so heres the summary. :P

Spent all weekend with Jeannine, think we're a bit sick of eachother. (At least she is of me)

Fri- went to see Hitch (google it yourself) great movie. I almost never buy movie DVDs, this one I'm buying. Jeannine spent a solid 5 mins laughing herself to tears because a fat guy fell down at the very end (not a spoiler dont worry) which I found quite funny except the fact I had a large rootbeer to unload so it hurt to laugh.

Sat- Off in the limo for someones birthday I didnt know. Jeannine invited me and was the only one there I knew. Still was pretty darn fun, and everyone was really nice, except the limo driver was annoying has hell. He was treating us like teenagers going to winter formal rather than adults. (Btw he should be proscecuted because I swear he stole Norm McDonnalds voice...) Most of the time was spent in the limo since it was pouring rain. (Now 4th ranniest season on record for Los Angeles, was 7th as of Thursday. The whole state is sliding off into the ocean.) Still, being in a limo isnt really something to complain about.

Apparently at some point durring the night I was doing squats or something, because my legs hurt like hell till today. It was also eventful in that I finally got to talk to a Japanese person that found me on ICQ. (yes, at 3am when I got home...)

Sun- Hangover not withstanding... THE RETURN OF PROSPECTORS! I love that bar. Jeannines cousin Marie moved out of the area so we hadnt been there since, but because of the long weeked she came back. Wasnt overly exciting, I've definately had better nights there, but its still Prospectors damnit. Prob wont be going back there anytime soon either... so I stole a pint glass with their logo. *hides*

Mon- was day of recovery (apparently 1 of 2) for what turned out to be a two day hangover. (3 if you count Sunday) It wasnt that I was in pain, but.....

I have a new superpower!!!

Apparently, no matter how late I go to bed, no matter how much I drink, eat, excercize, etc... I'm wide awake at 7:45am. I'm actually really glad for this, except for the fact I went to bed at 3 friday, 4:30 saturday and 5 sunday. Even last nite I was up till 3 sleepless.... so..

Tue- (today) hasnt been too exciting. Took a couple naps and other than that the most exciting thing is the pizza from Chicago we recieved today, love that stuff, cooking it now ^_^

And yes the blog is still naked.

In the mistaken assumption people actually read this thing, I need help on The test blog. Its looking very much like I want it to, but the comments page is just WRECKED. I have no idea why. I dont know how to read bloggers itempage tags.

Even if you cant fix it, I'm interested in what you think of it. I wanted something different and non-linear. Comment here to let me know. ^^
Help wanted!

Links of the day!

Funnest game ever! can you beat My score? (everyone else can)
Voicemail! I'm SURE you've seen Paris Hiltons Phonebook, but have you heard what this guy did with it? ^^
Roleplay Ran into a girl online the other day looking for artists or 'roleplayers' (whatever that is) for this story she has. This is my way of helping her. (since I have no artistic talent)

----- Update -----
Minutes after posting this, I went back to that game. Try beating This score!

----- Update 2 -----
Either they banned forigners (Something the Japanese like to do with popular things sadly) or they exceeded their bandwith- well I can fix that...
Now go play!

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