Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Woa, life got exciting!

Wow I may have to start posting here more often, this is gonna be another long one.

Saturday nite, my brother calls my mom and says hes commin by in an hour to move out... o.O, er ok... nice notice Frank.
Freaked my mom out, and was just weird, but thats just how he is...

Valentines day!
Hate this holliday. Always single. So I think of things to entertain myself.
This time I outdid myself...

Had to go into my client, and decided to play quite a prank on the receptionist.
She has a long-time boyfriend. So I knew I was safe doing this. (we get along but not THAT well..)
So I grab an empty ringbox.....
Now I was gonna just leave it empty, but that wasnt good enough.
So I wrote a note.
"{her name withheld},
I cant resist.
(messing with you)
I just wanted to see
(the look on your face)
I know you have other (real) Valentines, but I am
Folded up the note and put it in the ringbox.

The point was to see her face when I handed it to her. I expected shock and fear, but she had a look of pure horror on her face. (that I guess put me in my place lol) I was trying to do it straight-faced, but I had to smile to soften it.
Once she read the note she busted up laughing, I had guessed right that she had a good enough sense of humor to enjoy it.

Today she tells me her boyfriend wants to talk to me LOL, turns out he needs computer help ^^ (she did tell him, he made fun of her)

But ya, after a long boring lul, life is speeding up. This Friday might be hittin the bars in a limo for Jeannines friends birthday, and Sunday I'm DEFINATELY goin back to PROSPECTORS!! (a bar I love)

Stay tuned...

Links of the day!

In other news, Naruto (an anime that has many huge idiot fans) got liscenced. Youd think that was a good thing. (I do, I like Naruto but am not obsessed)But no.....
The News
The Petition the retarded fans (known as Narutards) made. Im sig #411 (making fun of them, I wont be suprized when they delete me)
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Hey I'm going to stick with using Bravejournal for now. my addy there is carakitty.bravejournal.com so add me to your links?

Hugs from your fave Hawaiian momma