Sunday, September 04, 2005

I tried to pick up Jesus in a movie theatre

ya ya its been ages. Not much going on in my life. Basically just studying computers and Japanese and hangin out a bit. Got my A+ in the process, now on to the Security+.

But yesterday I had a religious experience. Saw a good wholesome movie about waiting till youre married for sex (40yr old Virgin) with Jeannine, then afterwards waited while she powdered her nose or whatever women do in the bathroom (since my friend Adam believes they dont poop) and I saw it...

In one of those tomogochi (capsule toys for the westerners) thingies, they had really crappy cheezy light-up jewlry. But on the outside box..... there it was


I had to have it, and spent $6 (thats 6 toys, such a ripoff) trying to get it, even prommised never to take it off again, but as I learned long ago they never put the toys in the picture IN the damned capsules. (Isn't that false advertising?) So the best I could do is take a pic and make it my cell phone background. (Tried to blog this with my cell last nite but cingular email fails).

Tonite is just tv nite, adult swim gets a lot of crap but I love em. This holiday weekend sucks.

My friend in Japanese class also hunted down this,
ecchi bevis

Its a pic from the Genki 2 book (without the words) in a chapter that focuses on '___ did ___ to ____'. For those of us who wondered whatever happened to Bevis, hes now in Japan molesting innocent looking Japanese guys.


My friend John has a good friend Chef (nickname) that pointed out that in those Sketchers comercials, they eat the shoe and then it slides down their leg and onto their foot. So then the shoes are coming out their......

then I saw another comericial tonight and I could never figure out just what it was about it. Tonight I did.

<@eDRoaCH> apparently the army is desperately seeking people who know how to get to safe mode
<+Sky> safe mode?
<@eDRoaCH> youd have to see the comercial
<@eDRoaCH> cops driving around, seemingly asking for leads on a suspect
<@eDRoaCH> then they find him in a group of kids on the street and turn on their lights
<@eDRoaCH> he comes over and the 2nd cop says 'it crashed again'
<@eDRoaCH> he reaches over and says 'reboot in safe mode with f8'
<@eDRoaCH> next shot hes some army radar specialist
<@eDRoaCH> i think the radar only works in safe mode
<+Sky> hahahah sux
<@eDRoaCH> AEGIS- the worlds most advanced weapons syst.. er wait how do i get to safe mode again?

Links of the day!

wow, been ages, theyre all getting old
Famous People Who Were Bedwetters I think theyre cheating on FDR, he had pollio for god sakes.
Galvinize This game rocks litterally, Chemical Brothers game for their new single.
Spore ooooh, me like.

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