Monday, January 31, 2005

remember me?

ya, its me, no, not dead. maybe tomorrow.

not a damn thing goin on, JA3 kickin my butt, 1st chapter test tomorow. So ive been studying all day, but i never study what im supposed to damnit...

Havent gone out to do much in WEEKS, everything sounds boring. So i sit here and learn verb conjugations and kanji i dont need for the test im gonna fail :P

hmm what else.. nope, sadly thats about it. im stuck in idle someone come shift me.

Links of the day!

My new hero. the best kind of mcgyver.
Wordcount Pretty damn cool. Won a design award I guess, its Brit, so its a little off real english ^^
A moron In my ongoing series of blogs even worse than mine, heres a real idiot whos gotten famous for being so.

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