Monday, December 06, 2004

daigaku wa taihen

Did another 6 subchapters of math today, why I care about factoring trinomials is beyond me. Algebra IS useful for learning logic and manipulating formulas, and geometry is also very useful. But honestly, once u get out of that they should be teaching you economics, physics, hell even chemistry math. Math with REAL APPLICATIONS TO LIFE.

But no, thats too easy.

Had my computer security class tonite, we're finally in the linux chapter of our book.

even tho it was ch4 he left it for last, because he doesnt know jack shit about linux

hell *I* know more than him, only new thing so far is umod

it sucks cuz I understand the basics of linux, but i dont WANT to create directories and files and set their permissions, I want to do REAL things
like administering servers and just everyday stuff like playing multimedia files, and unfort that takes tons more knowlege than I have.

Guess its true, school != real life.

Tomorrow is a day off math to study japanese, hopefully ill be ready to take the ch8 test and the ch 12 vocab test I missed by classtime.

Links of the day!

Oh god, its me.
Why I cant talk to Reid anymore.
Kill it with fire. Dont you love it when someone takes two popular things that have NOTHING to do with eachother and combine them....

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