Wednesday, December 01, 2004

a bit of a coincidence

So I get to my computer security class about half an hour early as usual. (we have to log in to the computer lab a certain # of times per semester.) Cant think of anything to do so I try a few strange urls, including and end up clicking on an add to find housing in Tokyo. Browsed for a few mins and closed it, no big deal.

Just before class, I went to log out of the computer lab, and there were some fortune cookies on the counter with a sign saying 'take one' taped to it.

this was my fortune:
whats wrong with your browser

Of course if you bother going to the link, you can see what it is and why they would be free in a computer lab, but still...

I dont think I ever even looked at places in Japan before....

Links of the day!

I wanna transfer here...
Parents, pay attention to what your kids want for the hollidays. (I'm so P.C. arent I?)
Of course if you do, maybe theres other things to worry about.

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