Monday, December 27, 2004

Shhhh.... dont look down

Christmass was fun, got some new shoes from my sister and a shower radio/mp3 player from my brother. Still keeping the main present secret till it can reveal itself to you ^^

Not much up, was supposed to go out last nite but it didnt happen, spent a lot of yesterday working on the site. I'm kinda stumped for design ideas (especially for this area, which is the next I want to work on) so I worked on adding content to the Japan page. About 6 pages added, although theres much more to be done. Still I think its shaping up to be a quick reference site, which is what I want. Added a new toy to zeta too, the place you shouldnt go. Might play with zeta more today.

The problem with this area of the page is I was born completely without artistic genes of any kind, so figuring out design is hard on me. I have an idea right now, but even if I can get it to work it'll probably suck, just like the last one did on the test page. The other problem is its the only part of the site that has things I didnt code myself. Both the blog and esp the gallery (which hasnt been linked to in awhile now...) have a ton of code I dont understand. The blog isnt os bad, but the gallery SAYS "only mess with the CSS if you dont want it to break." Could make it an iframe (yes I know you dont know what that is) but iframes kinda suck.... must learn to css them.

And so begins the long, slow burrial of the previous post...

Links of the day!

Ok I guess I've been scaring people here recently, so heres some kinder, genteler ones
Yay! I'm helpful!I posted the short workaround comment, and yes, firefox still sucks.
bugmenot I usually give interesting or funny crap here, but sometimes I give things everyone should have bookmarked. This is one of those, its how i posted on bugzilla above too ^_^
Saddness reported from an appropriate source

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