Friday, December 31, 2004

New years!

Ok, this should be interesting. Yesterday I stood up so I could pull a party out of my ass. (bonus points if you get the reference)
Cleaned my room, something that hasnt been done in MONTHS, actually prob not since I came back from Japan.
Then this morning, I went to spend ~$100 on supplies.
$182 later I have this.

3 30 packs of coors lite, 1 1.5ltr of capt morgans, 1 1.5 ltr of absolut mandarin, 4pk of bodingtons pub ale and 2 pints(?) of Sapporo.
Also got, 2 large trays of jalepeno popers, and 2 small trays of both bean burritos and cheese sticks.
Not sure whos commin or how many at this point, but I figure I'm well supplied ^^
Thinkin about hain ppl pay $5 for all u can drink/eat.. but I've never done that before so we shal see.

Hope your new years is fun, happy and safe, and if you got nothin to do, come over.

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Since when do geeks cut lawn?
uh..huh huh... he said wood

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