Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My so called blog

I thought of that name today, probably more fitting for this blog than the lame one I came up with on a moments notice some months ago.

Anyway, last monday was my birthday. Lots of people didnt know, if you didnt dont feel bad. I dont like talking about the fact I have a birthday comming up, especially this year. I didnt blog about it till now because there was really nothing to say. I didnt go out the entire weekend before (or after for that matter) and my day consisted of studying for a computer security midterm, taking the midterm, then getting home to a sleeping family as usual, having the 1st peice of my birthday cake and opening my card-gift at my desk in front of the computer. To 'liven things up' I pounded a few beers, the first I've had in awhile.

My diet has also gone to hell, tho I figured my birthday and thanksgiving would do it. Lost about 10 lbs, gained about 3 back, not bad. Ill probably resume in a week or two. One thing about this diet is I dont want to shock my body too much, or the body will resist loosing the weight. (for those of you who dont know me, I swear I'm not a fatass, just keeping myself from becoming one before its too late)
Thanksgiving of course came with my now traditional bottle of Wild Turkey 101, being a vegitarian, its the only kind of turkey I can have.

Ya... in case you cant tell, I've been down lately. Looking back on it I think I'm often like this this time of year, which makes no sense because I love rain and cold. Just when I think I'm out of it its back. If youve been trying to call me and arent my client I'm sure you noticed my absence. Im comming up on that big final stretch in school. Where all my lagging necessitates (what, you havent figured out I cant spell yet?) a big final push... and this semester I seem to be out doing myself.
My attention seems to swing back and forth between computer security and Japanese, and the past few weeks computer security has really been winning, to the suffering of Japanese. Winston asked me why I dont just give up computers and concentrate on Japanese. I'd love to, problem is computers feed me, and honestly they are something I'm also quite interested in, so I dont think I could ever really give them up.
Of course between these two, math gets NO TIME (I've missed the last 2 tests entirely) Though if my syllabus math is correct, if I ace the final (I aced the midterm) and ace these last 2 tests (last one is optional) I still could even get a B!
Miss 3 out of 6 tests (not counting the optional one) and get a B. Now thats my kind of math class.

The house is too quiet without Willie. My mom put a bell on Harry, I think to make him sound more like Willie, but it was taken off. Harry should be allowed to hunt just like Oscar!

On a bittersweet note, looks like my X is getting sent home early from China. Finally I can get Disgaea and my Tenchi Muyo DVDs back and be done with her.

Links of the day!

wow these are piling up, I gotta post more. Im going to dedicate this to a news story that many of you may not have heard yet (though its quickly becoming internet legend) A girl had her mom killed. Whats so big about that you ask? She had a blog, making it into a phenomenon.
First, the news story
The murderer, Rachelle Waterman
The victim, Lauri.
The blog, which is now LiveJournal members only because of the ENORMOUS ammount of comments and other crap that it generated. Also, because evil places like livejournal and xanaga will do anything to get more members.
It should be noted that she didnt actually KILL her mom, she had 2 24 yr old 'ex boyfriends' do it. Kowaiso.
EDIT: seems good old Rachelle deleted all her recent posts yesterday (how did she do that from jail?) its also friends only for commenting, but it seems that anyone can view it now.

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