Friday, November 19, 2004

Inu ga shindan desu

I wanted to find a pic I hadnt really put on the web before. I find I really dont have that many pictures of Willie.

Our family has always had a bit of a love hate relationship with him. He was never properly trained (we were too young to do it and my parents took no interest) and especially as he got on in years he cared less and less, as a little yelling when you've heard it at least once a day for years doesnt really matter anymore.

With the remodel of the house, Willie started getting 'contained' upstairs, out of most of the bedrooms, to limit his damage. Over the past couple months however, I've started letting him hang out in my room all day, at least when I'm home. (being a contractor I'm often home) He sleeps in my moms room which over the past month or so means she gets up 2-3 times a night to let him outside so he doesnt crap in their room. To which I always told her she should just let him walk around upstairs, afterall he craps there durring the day.

Last nite she told me she was going to let him out, for reasons I wasnt sure of. I picked him up and put him on my couch since he cant really jump anymore. It was obvious he was having difficulty breathing, but didnt seem to be in any pain, just tired. He slept almost all day yesterday and the day before in my room, causing me to wake him up occasionally to check on him.

As I went to bed I put him on my bed to sleep with me, but he soon got up and struggled to move his bowels. (under my desk...) Tried to go outside my room to do it, but made a wrong turn and ended up lost. (my room is not that big, hes just senile) I put him back on my couch and went to bed. I decided I would spend the day with him today since it was obvious he didnt have much time left.

In this house my whole family gets up and leaves the house before I'm conscious. Its ok, as theyre all unconcious when I get home from school at 10:30. Today the fuss was about Willie who was sleeping on the couch at the foot of my bed so I was in and out of consciousness. My mom decided to take him to the vet. I wanted to protest, I think I even might have a little, but I knew it wasnt easy on her either.

I knew what the result would be. Turns out his kidneys had failed and his heart was going. Which of course would mean a nice natural death of old age, but thats not convinient.

I got a call from my mom at about 10:30 this morning that they were going to put him down. This time I DID protest, but once again I didnt want to hurt her. She asked if I wanted to be there, I couldnt answer right away, but ultimately I didnt like the idea of him being alone. He wasnt in pain, he wasnt rabid, he was just old...

About 20 minutes later I called the vet, he had already been put to sleep.

My father will probably remember him for all the money on cleaning products (and the recarpeting that is sure to happen soon now) he spent.

My Mother will remember all the time she spent taking care of him, and all those weekend mornings hed sit staring and barking at her while she ate (this dog was famous even among dogs for gluttony, more evidence coming)

My sister might remember the time we came home from church on sunday (wow mustve been long ago if I went) and this tiny dog had somehow managed to knock an entire box of dougnuts off the table and eat the WHOLE THING.

My brother will probably remember the first half of his life when he slept in his room, until he went off to college.

I know Adam will never forget that time he made a microwave burrito, put it on the coffee table and got up to get a drink, never to see that poor burrito again.

Ill remember throwing the tennis ball up on the hill and into the pool for him when he was younger, and giving him the rawhide treats he wasnt allowed to have and hanging out with him in my room all day in his last days.

I dont know his exact DOB right now, I will edit that in later. He was 14.

Monday is my birthday. Something I already didnt give 2 shits about. I even have an essay midterm on computer security that day. Looking at the calendar on my freshly formated XP computer (why I was up late enough to spend time with Willie last nite) I'm pretty sure its someone elses birthday too. But shes half the world and oceans of emotions away.

BTW- Dont call me. Im not hangin out this weekend anyway, and I smashed my phone against the wall across my room (actualy glanced off the ceiling too) after the vet phonecall. I dont know when I'll get around to checking to see if its broken. Hope my clients dont need me today.

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