Monday, October 18, 2004

A new world record!!!

Yup, its dead. Before anyone posts many seemingly helpful hints on how to restore my ipod- theyve been done, to no effect.
I swear I didnt drop it, didnt mistreat it in any way. It gets most of its use in my car where it sits comfortably on the change tray below my stereo and the most rigorous use its had is when I walked around the lake these past two fridays. (about 5k)

Well it was on the home stretch of the walk on Friday that it froze up mid song and would not accept any control imput, demanding it was locked no matter how unlocked it was. After about an hour the screen finally went off, at which point I tried the reset and even the restore, but no luck. The reset put it in an endless 20 second apple logo then 10 second file folder with exclimation (pictured)then repeat.

HP, for its part is quite helpful, tomorrow I recieve a fed ex box to ship it back for free which is about a week turn around time so I wont be without it long.

Still, after everything I did to get it, this is hillarious. It's also quite funny I cant seem to figure out how I survived without it. Still, if I ever consider actually PAYING FOR something built by Apple- shoot me.

Note for free ipod people, it seems your waranty begins when you ORDER the ipod, NOT when you get it.

Links of the day!

Because I'm such a wonderfully humble person, I can admit when I am wrong. I found this quite interesting.
An exact clone of my case, my favorite case ever, except for the colors which makes it the ugliest case ever! horrify your friends!
As if I needed another reason to want to move to Japan.

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