Tuesday, June 24, 2008


(okotteru - pissed off)

Well, looks like no pictures for you. God damned retarded firewall here wont even let me ftp them up to post on the blog. Not sure just how I can get around it other than waste time and money at an internet cafe.

Class is otherwise going well except I have absolutely no idea what to pick for my presentation. If I dont pick something I am interested in, it will show and therefore suck. Last year I had the same problem and had to leave it for the last second and it really showed.

The days are so very short here. Wake up at 7:30, eat, shower, then class from 8-4. After that come back, relax and chat for ~90 mins, and then eat, do homework, and play on the computer a bit before bed. Problem is I cant do shit from behind this stupid firewall, especially with my computers going constantly offline. Unless we have been having power outages at the house due to the heatwave, I am severely dissapointed in eBox.

I'm really not as in bad of a mood as it seems by this. But this firewall thing is just pissing me off. The speech topic also has me very worried. Time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David! Why don't you do your presentation on selecting and buying furniture. Or the care and feeding of Oscar. Just a thought. M

Anonymous said...

yo, winston desu! what book are they using for the super advanced class?
atarashii sensei desu ka?
send me pic of all the IJP participants this year! frstlstname@gmail!

Anonymous said...

ebox is giving you problems huh. anything i can do.....from the state to help you?