Wednesday, June 18, 2008


(Kyoto Sangyo de - at Kyoto Sangyo)

Yup, I made it. Very quiet here right now with just about everyone either not here yet or currently in school, but thats fine. I am doing laundry and have already called my parents and V, who didn't anwser of course.

Today seems like it will be a quiet one, which is pretty fine by me. It will be busy very soon. The best news is I got a hold of my friend from 2004 Kiyomi. Last year I wasn't able to track down her email, but Meg got it for me last night. Thanks Meg!

Not much more to say, I am glad I can finally stop living out of a suitcase and make myself at home

Links of the day!

The great Office War I know it's probably old, but I just found it yesterday.

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