Monday, June 16, 2008


(Kyoto ni iru = In Kyoto)

Yes Ⅰ am in Kyoto, the trip was long. but I made it. I am staying at a nice little Ryokan and already got my cell phone hooked up. The ryokan does not have internet and apparently power I can use, so my cell phone just died a bit ago.

I am also not sure yet if my parents know if I am alive dispite repeated attempts to email them, so I thought I would spend 500yen (~$5) on an hour at an internet cafe and let a Japanese keyboard fight me tooth and nail as I type this.(Cant seem to get it to stay in normal-width characters, so thats why this is so large.The Japanese cant tell the difference.)

I would just remote-control my home pc and be done with it, but it seems all my pcs are off line... of course. (Reboot blue pc please parental units)

This morning I woke up early and went to Kyomizudera. I was hoping to get some pics on a day there wasnt a billion people there, and for the most part I succeeded. After that I headed in search of my favorite place in Kyoto- Teramachi. That is where I am now. So many memories. Shakeys,places Kyle shopped for clothes,the place with the HUGE sundaes, all the places we lost Trevor in... It is good to be back.

Unfortunately my friends are all currently busy with work or school, so I am on my own for now. No matter, the weather is very nice today, (at least for Kyoto this time of year) not too hot and not too humid, but still far more humid than home.

Right now I see its about 9:30pm on Monday. For me its 3;30pm Tuesday. Hello from the future.

Plans for the rest of the day include finding a bank so I can withdraw enough money for the Ryokan. I have to check out tomorrow but will check in to a nearby much cheaper one for the last nite til I enter the dorms. Heres hoping that one has power.

Parents- i emailed both Dad at work and Mom at home.My email address is very weird so check your spam filters. Its a string of random characters

It is nice to be able to relax a bit, I certainly need it. However I am hoping to get as much Japanese practice as possible before I start classes. We shal see.

Links of the day!

AJapanese Keyboard What I am fighting right now. Notice how small the spacebar is and that all Punctuation is in completely different places. In case you havent noticed, Ihave no idea where the apostrophe is.

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Anonymous said...

So you made it huh.

Thats funny cause I was wondering who the hell the kerning was so loose on that text.

Still readable. If you need, I can ring your family. I emailed you. Not sure if you got it.