Friday, August 06, 2004

er- hi

Sorry no posts, the pictures arent up yet, hopefully tomorrow. Im still in a great struggle to change my sleep schedule. I cant help but fall asleep every afternoon for about 4 hours, which is about when I slept in Japan and about how much sleep I got. But even with that I'm always tired.

Some things I've been lagging on:
1. Emailing all my friends in Japan, please forgive me!
2. Uploading and commenting on my pictures.
3. Meeting my counselor, I woke up too exhausted today, so now I have to wait till mon...
4. Hanging out with most of my California friends, I hope to be a bit better tomorrow.

Somethings I missed while in Japan:
1. Two friends had babies, Cara and Izhar (wow Izhar I thought you were male ^^)
2. Athena got married, I never even met her fiance.

Wow, this much action doesnt happen in a year when I'm here....

Been having strange dreams since I returned. My body refuses to believe I'm back. Everytime I wake up I think I'm in Japan then I wonder "why is this bed so big?"
The purchase of Doom 3 yesterday added an intersting aspect- nightmares. I love nightmares tho, because I'm the type that goes down fighting ^^

Anyway, just keepin you updated. Maybe I'll even go to bed now.

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