Wednesday, August 11, 2004

yes, yes, I lag

Ok, STILL no pictures. I know, its all my fault. I really need to get to uploading and commenting on them before I forget everything. (as I am so apt to do) Problem is theyre currently on a computer that I took the video card out of because my main computers video card was fried when I got home- and I just HAVE to play Doom 3 dont I? I really WAS going to do it tonight, but then I ended up sleeping through tonight....

Sunday night was my grand return party. Wasnt really that 'grand' but still fun. Me, Jeanine and Marie went out to our usual sunday night hangout and played a few drinking games. I rearanged our game of poker so the winner drinks- and I kept winning... (thanks grandpa for playing all those games of poker with me) Got home at 4am. It was a good help in getting my sleep schedule back to normal. Now instead of sleeping from 3-10 everyday, I fall asleep around 7. So its gradually moving forward.

Registered for classes today, well most of them anyway. If I get my way I'll be taking 20.5 units this semester. As I finally plan on getting a 'real job' as well, I expect to have no life this semester. Anyway, I'm taking Japanese 2, Algebra (>.<) 'Hardening the infrastructure' 'Fundamentals of Network security (both 8 week courses so probably pretty introductory but interesting none-the-less) and because of credit restrictions I have to wait to enroll in 'Hardware Concepts' which I need to graduate. Theres 33 open seats, which I think means NOONE has registered, and its no suprize considering its offered on SATURDAY FROM NINE AM TO NOON. >.<

The website needs severe updating... I have no patience for coding at the moment tho. I will get to it, but I have 6 weeks of things to catch up on in work, school and life before that happens.

Anyway, its 2am and I've been up for an hour now... time to try to sleep.

Links of the day!

Oh ya, shameless promotion time. If I can find five people that love me I can get a free IPOD (People that live in the same house dont count)
Just go sign up and do one of their ofers (supposedly the real player one is easy to quit, I will find out soon..) and youve sent me on my way to getting a free IPOD. You have also gotten the ball rolling yourself, If you have 5 people that love you that is.
(real links of the day returning soon- but I want an IPOD!)

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