Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ohisashiburi desu ne?

well school starts this week. My half-semester Monday Wednesday computer security class seems cool. And my Japanese 2 class is going to ROCK, cept theres NO GIRLS in the whole class. :P Oh well, guess theres nothing to do but study.
They switched to the Genki book, which is supposed to be the best, cept its not the book i used for Japanese 1 so I have some gaps to fill.

Reading blogs from IJP students is fun, esp when I find out I'm the 'annoying David'
Btw- you totally quoted me wrong.

Anyway, I see Melon pan is working on his free ipod thru me! Cool! Those of you who were skeptical about it because you didnt want to get me an ipod/flatscreen without getting yourself one, I've (actually my friend Zain) fixed things for you!


It's a 'conga line' you sign up at the top link, then give your link and you get in line to get on top. Act fast! the faster you are on it the more chance you have of getting your ipod/flatscreen!

good luck!

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