Saturday, August 14, 2004

this life is a hell of a ride

hi hi, im back, no still no pictures, please shoot me repeadedly till I put the video card in my TV computer to get the pictures off. Maybe Jeff can send Theresa over to hit me till I do it. My site also needs TREMENDOUS other work, but I'm far too busy/tired/lazy. (you choose) Hopefully Ill get to adding a links section here for all my friends blogs from IJP (Japan trip) theyre far more interesting than me.
Oh well its comforting to know now that now that Im back noone will read my blog again.
Lets see... Tuesday I went to my first hookah bar, quite interesting. I think I still prefer the ocasional cigar and they could REALLY use some leg room (or just drop the floors and do it Japanese style) But I met a bunch of cool people, at least briefly, including what seem to be some pretty cool girls. Turns out thats why we werent at a bar, theyre all under 21. (but isnt that how I like em?) Was kinda funny that me and Jeanine were the over 21's and sober, and all the under 21's were hammered.
Last nite was even better- got on Lydia's (damn Ive never seen her name in print before, probably butchered it) dad's boat and cruised the Newport bay for three hours drinking. Too bad it was mostly a dude-fest, but Jeanine was happy. On the 31'st Ill be ditching my second week of school (I believe Japanese 2- god help me)
to go on another cruise thats a "pijama party." Gonna wear my Japanese clothes, I dont think they would appreciate me showing up in my boxers. ^^;; (normal sleep wear)
Told Jeanine to invite the under 21 girls I met Tuesday, theyre the type that can make a party like that interesting ^^

Soon tho, my life will end. If I go for graduation this semester, Ill be taking 22.5 units (with Japanese 2 and another networking class I dont need to graduate) and I will be looking for a full time job soon. I should have started looking already, but Im really taking time getting into the swing of things after Japan, I realize I kept promising my body I would sleep for 2 weeks when I got back, and my body is taking me up on the offer wether I like it or not.
Not last nite tho, I fell asleep drunk in Jeanines bed. She was STUMBILIN, she was in no shape to drive. But it was like 3 blocks to drive from Lydia's house to hers so I did it. Got a good 4 hours sleep and here I am wide awake.

It wont last long, I know by noon Ill be passing out- but I havent seen Greg whos down from SF yet and I feel like a bastard because of it so its another marathon day.

I said before and durring Japan that I can sleep when I get home. I change my mind, Ill sleep when Im dead.

Links of the day

first, another shameless plug for myself but you too can benefit! go get yourself an Ipod and help me get one in the process. If you sign up, DO THE OFFER! Real Rhapsody is 99cents for the month and is actually pretty cool (wow they have Japanese music!) and even when you cancel you still get the rest of your month.
On to real links....
the case of the $95,000 This was a big news story years back but was covered up by stupid OJ. He did something we all wished we did and got rich because of it. Ten chapters long makes it an hour read but it just keeps getting better. Read the first page and youll agree.
Budweister email forget GMail, I know you all want!
A Darwin Award Some genius wanted to see the stars and decided taking bolt cutters to a streetlight (they DONT run on household level electricity) was a great idea. Apparently he wanted to be lit up like a christmass tree and live on the internet forever. Ok, so its not funny, but you know what? it is ^^

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