Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The News

YES! FINALLY DONE! All pics uploaded and commented on!
The gallery For those who have been keeping up, Week 5 and Week 6 are the new ones.
Theres some more commenting I want to do, but I'm satisfied for now.

Not much else goin on, got to hang out with Jason, his girlfriend and Greg for a bit on sunday night. Didnt go to Prospectors as usual.

Today I took the day off because I woke up with a headache which is still kinda lingering with me. Probably go out tonight as its Gregs last day here.
Not much else, sorry life is boring. Its about to get far worse when I start 22.5 units of school next week and start looking for a full time job.

Right now I've stolen my brothers laptop because for no reason whatsoever blogger wont let me use it from my own. (a freshly formatted winxp system, I blame blogger)

An important note on www.freeipods.com Hotmail blocks their confirmation email, so please make a yahoo account for the process. You want to make another account anyway as it will be spammed. For the offers, Real Rhapsody is $1, pretty cool to play with, and you can cancel in about 3 clicks and still get the rest of the month. The AOL and ancestry.com deals are free as long as you call to cancel but all need credit card #'s because theyre hoping you dont cancel. I still need referers that COMPLETE the offer- so go for it!

No links of the day today, their on my computer not this one. Blame Blogger.com

Mina you sexy thing, ditch work and come over! I need a checkup!

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SexieChunLi said...

ed..stup up about the ipods :D

hope you enjoyed the "pictures" i sent you..mm *hugs you* ;)
still watching sml? lol im trying to catch up :)
can i have pictures ofyou naked ? O.o