Saturday, August 28, 2004

a boat, a few girls and a new drink!

Yup, got back on the boat last nite, was a blast. Finally found a link for it too- here.
Looks like this is the last free weekend tho, after that its $15 but its worth it ^^.
Not being a dancer, I spent most of my time in the smoking section chatting with people. A couple girls were interesting. ^^ Both rubbed up against me at one point or another, one even wrapped her legs around me... twice... but ultimately I wasnt into either. So, the one kinda walked off after I ignored her with some other guy, at the end of the nite I was looking for Jeanine and saw her giving him her number. He shot me a look like 'haha I got it' and it was funny to watch his expression deflate after I instinctively shot back a 'so?' ^^

The other seems like a cool chick to hang with, real tough-girl, but at one point she pointed to every guy and said they were all pussies cept the guy she was talking to. She hesitated on me, and I gave her a look, but she said it anyway- I pretty much ignored her after that, but it wasnt like I was hurt, just havin fun. ^^

But the fun nite was also the result of my newest successful experiment!

Ive created a drink.
Everyone knows about Red Bull and vodka (dont you?) but while I like energy drinks, I'm not much for Red Bull. Since I've been back from Japan, I've discovered the new Rockstar double stregnth that are flavored like cola, but not as sugary. One of my favorite drinks is a scotch and coke, so I thought it natrual to combine the two.

Its really quite a drink. I ended up making it about 60/40 (favoring the scotch) by the end of the can and it was still quite good with no real bite, and It definately had the energizing aspect to it.

So take this as notice world! I trademark this drink today!!!
It's name? The Willie.

Named after my dog and because every drink name now seems to need SOME kind of sexual reference.

Hmm, there is a third girl, but she seems quite busy these days. Didnt see her last nite anyways. And shes prob the only one with even a slight chance of reading this. :P

Links of the Day!

Yup theyre back, but first a plug for my flatscreen, my ipod, and how you can get one.
I like to post links of people who have no life
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and last but not least:
a movie that makes me never want to go to an anime convention again.

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