Tuesday, August 03, 2004

hi there, remember me?

well, im back.
So very hard to leave but so very nice to be home.
When I first walked into my room it didnt look right, the colors were off and things seemed out of place, it was very weird, kinda like it had gone cold while I was gone. After a nice long nap things seemed to have warmed up again and felt more right. Its still weird being here. We have so much more s p a c e here...

I havent driven in 6 weeks, so I might die this morning going to see Jeannine for lunch, we shal see.
OF course my computers had to be messed up, its a nice welcome. TV comp is just fine, server was locked up and either the drivers or the video card itself are messed up on my main comp, leaving me in vga default display adapter....
I have many little fun blog ideas I want to do in the next few days, but for the moment I'm tired. Besides, I'm still remembering where the heck all the punctuation is on the keyboard.

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