Thursday, April 29, 2004

id like to put in for a change of fantasies

i have to put in my official notice
Tenchi Muyo was the anime i fell in love with first, and i always secretly wanted to be tenchi
however, times have changed
Keitaro from love hina didnt sway me, not even Taro from Hanryuko Maids never made me jealous.
i always saw them as the tenchi ripoffs they were (tho i liked both series)
but now i found someone id rather trade places with
Seina from TenchiGXP ^^

of course all these characters are far too afraid of women to be me, the unique situation of all of them come from the fact that they WONT submit to any of the girls and therefore keep the girls interest.
if any of them DID pick a girl, the other girls would soon ruin their lives from jealousy and the one they picked would probably quickly bore of him (ok, not in Keitaro's case but the series died when he picked)

in seinas place (and tenchis) i would probably attempt to be with each girl telling each one "now we have to keep it a secret or there will be trouble" which would of course make 100x the trouble when i was found out

but hey- it would be worth it ^_^

yes, you guessed it, i started watching GXP last nite- im on ep 8 now and 1 thing i like about it most is theres no underage sasami character yet- im not into that

anyway- GXP has the same hillarity i loved in Muyo - if you havent seen any Tenchi series- youre missing out (except Tenchi in Tokyo- skip that please!)

oh ya- and if you have seen tenchi on tv- go get the dvds, its far better unedited ^_^

wow- actual content today, whats happening!!!

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