Friday, January 06, 2006


First post of the new year, yay.

Just confirmed my travel plans today, work is sending me to the University of Iowa the week of the 16th, coming home Friday night. It also means I miss my entire 2nd week of Japanese 4, which I have been studying to be semi qualified for again for the past 2 weeks.


It should be fun, get a hotel room and rental car and meals and such on the company's dime, but I own no warm clothes at all so I might die. I might have to see what nightlife in Iowa is like, maybe I'll take pictures and put em here. Maybe if theyre nieve enough I'll tell em I'm a casting director and they can warm me... ^^

Actually with my natural space heater ability, it might be fun to walk around in short sleeves the whole time and make everyone wonder why THEY'RE so cold when the CALIFORNIAN is just fine. Bet I could do it too. Low is 29 today and high 47 tomorrow. I can totally swing that.

Im gonna try to buy my Palm TX today when I get off work so I can hopefully get it before I go. I hope the hotel or the University has wifi.

After all, what the hell else am I gonna do in IOWA...

Links of the day!

Futurama! I got the 'Born to be a Beurocrat' song stuck in my head yesterday and googled it up, knock yourselves out.
Akihabara News If you like shinny, blinking, tiny electronics things, heres a news site for you.
Quantum Trickery A long but very interesting article on all the crazy stuff physisits are doing these days, like having the same particle in 2 different geographic locations at the same time...


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yo, lazy ass! update your blog! I wrote in mine :p

hope your'e doing well. I miss OC, believe it or not.

Say hi again some time OK?

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