Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hi, remember me?

Well, sleep isnt really happening lately. It is 10:30 now and none of us have even started our homework because the welcome party was right after school today.

The welcome party was really fun though. There is so much to do and learn here, talking with the Japanese is far more educational than any homework in my opinion, but I do know that the homework is important too.

Now for trouble. I cant seem to upload any pictures. The school has locked down everything thats not basic web surfing or email. Sounds like another place I know.... I WILL defeat them, I am working on it now. But as I said, I have homework to do.

So just know I am alive, learning a lot (tho not as quickly as I would hope) and I will try to get those pictures up tomorrow. We have already designated tomorrow night as rest day. I plan to come home, nap, do homework and then get the pictures up and actually talk to my family.... sorry parental units.

Uh... oyasuminasai

Links of the day!

as I said before, here I dont have much


Anonymous said...

I called they delivered it to the wrong house i went there and some junky said he had no idea what im talking about he ups said to have moms call them 949 830 6245 and they will start the investigation :) hj hfhfj hwefgb b

Unknown said...

david, i know you are gone in japan, but tephani is looking to buy a new dvd player and she was wondering what kind are the best or should i say what should we look for in a new dvd player. give me some pointers.


Anonymous said...


eD said...

er... frank- i dont know crap about dvd players. get an upscaling one since you have an hdtv or follow mr anonomous' advice.

Adam- i dont think my mom is really capable of doing this.... Frank can you talk to her? basically I sent adam an expensive package and UPS fucked it all up and now its gone and if they dont find it they can pay me the $800 i insured it for.