Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am reborn

Hello, and welcome to another episode of me back in Japan.

Yesterday was pretty quiet, most people in the program did not arive till late, so I went for a walk in the pouring rain to get a umbrella, then did a little studying.

In the afternoon, Minori, Nobuko, and Eri (friends from last time) came to the dorm and brought snacks and drinks to welcome me. It was really nice of them. They also said they want to cook dinner for me this Friday, and asked me 23 times if it was ok or not. No, I hate free meals. ^^

While they were there, my roomate came. He was really tired and wanted to take a shower so we headed downstairs and they ended up leaving. Unfortunately, Minori left her cell phone in my couch and I still have it... hopefully she can come get it tomorrow.

Last night, some of the students from the 4th floor (they are the year long ones from various places like Italy, France and New York) invited us to Karaoke just across the street from I-house. (International House- where I am staying) I do not sing, but my roomate is very good. So was everyone else there, meaning I am really not going to sing. But then someone picked a Madonna melody, and no one knew the tunes. I actually did so I filled in on a couple of them. Thats right... eD singing 'Papa Dont Preach.' At least I proved why I shouldnt be singing. (Actually I was going to duet 'Take Me Home Tonight' by Mike and the Mechanics(?) but they didnt have it.) We ended up being there till 3:15am. I fell asleep around 4 and woke up at 8, just in time to miss breakfast. Wheee~~~

Today, we had our orientation and a walking tour of Kyoto. Most stuff I had already seen, but In Kyomizudera we went thru an underground area that was completely pitch black with turns and lots of bumping in to eachother. In the center, is a special carved rock. Completely round with a raised character on it. You pat it and make a wish. When we got out we were told it was supposed to simulate a rebirth experience. (Hence the topic) However, I dont think I had glow in the dark shoes during my birth. We had them in bags we carried with them (shoes off area) but when I noticed them glowing I pulled one out for some fun. ^^

After that, more of Kyomizudera (the fountains were closed because of a leak, isn't a fountain a leak?) I walked between the love rocks with my eyes closed. (again) Gion temple, and several other things. We ended it near my beloved Teramachi.

Everyone wanted to go home, and so did I, but my stomach won out over my sore feet, so a couple of us went in search of food. After a bit of browsing, we settled on a little Kirin bar. (I should have taken a picture, but I ate there before so I am sure I already have one...) After that, a nice little adventure getting home. I mostly followed people around last time, so this time being the guide is a bit difficult. However I got us back alive.

Took a shower and now I sit here. We were just invited by some of the students from the 4th floor to go on a day trip to Osaka tomorrow. I kinda stared blankly rather than reply, as I've had 4 hours sleep and walked probably 8 miles today. (Actually I am having a hard time finishing this blog because my brain keeps momentarily shutting off) I gave a tentative yes but I am emailing Nobuko for her permission. It is her hometown and she has already offered to show me around and I definately don't want to ruin it without her.

I was thinking about uploading the 1st batch of pictures, but I think I will wait till after tomorrow. Besides, I need sleep.

PS- After a good 2 months of testing remote access to my home network, it worked for all of one day in Japan. Now all my computers say offline... Parental units / sibling units, the task is to walk into FRANKS room, hold the power button in on the BLUE COMPUTER by the desk for several seconds till you hear it turn off, then turn it back on.

I plan to call you guys soon, but I cant get a mic to work on my computer (forgot my bluetooth mic...) and therefore cant use Skype, and calling from the dorm is expensive. Plus I dont want to call you just to say 'reboot my computer please' Honestly, I do miss you, I swear.

PS2- Work-people. I can't email any of you because I am considered spam. No email from friends but you can still get all the viagra you want, spam detection at its finest.

Till next time.

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no, I need sleep


Unknown said...

david, just called mom and dad and they are saying that there computers are not online either. THey have been trying to get ahold of the cable company but i don't know how far they have gotten. I will call them later today to see if they made any progress and let you know what they have come up with. Good luck with everything and I will try to get a hold of you later.


Unknown said...

apparently everything is back online. You should be fine with your remote access.


Anonymous said...

Dave still no server maybe Frank can send me the tracking info so i can call them or get ure insurance
:O glad ure having fun


eD said...

back online yay!

ugh adam you got to be kidding me. I cant believe it didnt get there. Its just some random piece of paper on my desk out of many, would be rather hard to find.

(im not even 100% sure its on my desk)

PS- dont use annonomous use 'other' when leaving comments

Anonymous said...

06/24/2007 Ya its me the disfunctional mother unit that is totally "comuter not savy." Loved reading your blog and miss you for some reason.I know's Sunday and I can do my laundry. Just kidding. Glad you finally let us in on the trick with the blue computer. I think I could handle the directions if you gave them to me before you left for Japan. Any way now the sign in screen does not give us an option of who is signing in. When Dad goes to log into the computer he has to sign into my screen and work from there. I went to user groups on the control panel and it won't let me change due to something about the customer server on Netware??? I couldn't fin what they are talking about so until you come home he will have to navagate through my log in. I does'nt look like you will be hurting for food while in Japan. Get your sleep and of course I don't have to tell you enjoy! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm not the only one missing my computer guy! Geez, now that you are gone I have all these questions! I'm awake at 1:32am and messin around on my lap top trying to find old episodes of crossing u use they charge a buck something a month and I don't want to pay if I don't have to.

So what's new with you? Any more singing debuts? God that cracks me up that you were singing. I can't believe you did that for them and not your friends back home!

What are the other students like...other than the japanese ones? Have you been going out at night and getting all crazy at the karaoke bars?

Hope your having fun...miss bickering with you!