Sunday, June 24, 2007


Steven from NY and Andre from Italy on the 4th floor (year long students) took us to Osaka today. Tons of walking. I think my legs might fall off by the end of the trip. We went to lots of electronics and game shops, and I BOUGHT THE NEW DS ZELDA. Not out in America till (supposedly) November, so it is definately very nice. (and I know jealous people are reading this... FRANK) I also found 'Mexican' food. I took pictures so you will see. It was good because where we went to eat all the ramen had Pork in it, so I stopped and ate while they hit the arcade.

Went to Super Potato in Nipponbashi, (videos of the Akihabara one are on a place with TONS of video game stuff thru the ages. I got to play a virtual boy for the first time ever. It was a pretty cool Gradius-type game, but the console was rather low so I had to bend over the whole time and hurt my back.

Osaka seems like a big place, lots to do there. We went to Nipponbashi, Shinsaibashi, and briefly in Nanba. Nobuko has promised to take me back when the program ends. Should be fun.

Classes start tomorrow and I am very, very tired. So bye. If youre lucky I will upload pictures tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hey david,
going over to crissies for b-day bbq...then we clean. Yes! Nothing new just yet. Went out bar hopping with Brandy last you can guess where...anyplace that had Marines. Honestly that girl worries me sometimes. She like marines a little too much if you ask me. She kinda freaked out on me last nite but whatever. I'm starting to think that girl has a serious, serious agenda to only pick up on what she thinks is a hot marine. It's weird.

Anyways, mom and I say hi and hope that you are behaving yourself. Hopefully you are not being mean to the little japanese girls that you like so well:) Glad to hear you are having fun with karaoke....OMG I can't believe you sang with them!!!:@
There is something to be said about doing what you want in a foreign country. In your case it's not foreign dick, but singing Papa don't Preach! Hope you are having fun and put up some cool pics for me to see! ttys,jeannine
p.s. I almost felt a feeling of missing you but then i passed gas and it went away....JUST KIDDING!

Anonymous said...

Dang it Edroach I am jealous of you in Japan. You are one lucky bastid...

Now that I have told you I am jealous of you for joing to basicly the holy land for me I will get to the point.

Congrats on the playing the virtual boy for the first time. Remember ed those things will make you have a headache quickly (atleast for me) So anyway you aren;t missing much in IRC. We do miss you (Ok yeah I know I am lying but bear with me here) Anyway good luck and hope to see you soon.

Your Friend,


P.S. If you get a chance see if by tokyo there is a large outdoor otaku market. I am not sure if it is still there it is kinda like a large flea market here in the US but is all anime and software and electronics.

Anonymous said...

hey ed, i didnt get to read your blogs till now, been busy doing whatever i was doing :). im glad you made it safely, and it looks like you have things planed for everyday your there ;P. ill be going to california soon. oh wow, actually its next week, days are going by fast.

try not to hit on the girls over there, they just want your money and for you to teach them english ;P! email me if you want or ill just read your blogs here and comment.

<3 mina

Anonymous said...

Hey dave i need the name of the place where us hipped the box from so i can get the info to ups
yaka maka naka

Anonymous said...

Dear Edroach,

Can you bring me a asian chick? you know my likes.



eD said...

Jeannine- LOL

Dark- probably wont go to Tokyo this time, and please dont sign annon

Minna - you change your email too much, you deserve a spanking

Das- google up the ups store on the corner of alicia and olympiad by the lake