Wednesday, July 02, 2008


(terebi to Ocha - TV and(green) Tea)

*PS - New pics up*

Well the pace is getting to this old man. Prob will be in bed just a little after writing this. (It's 8:30 as I start)

Tuesday - JC and Kevin went to Shijo but after a long day at school and little sleep, me and Kyle decided to chill. We heard a certain show was on at 7pm ch12 (NHK) at 7pm so... we watched FULL HOUSE IN DUBBED JAPANESE. Admit it, you are all jealous. You just haven't lived till youve seen it. I did take a video of the opening song, prob wont be up till early next week though.

After that we watched an English practice show. It was a simple cartoon in English with Japanese subtitles so it was actually good reading pracitce. After the show became all English we changed the channel...

And found a really cool and funny show. First of all know almost all Japanese tv shows are 'variety shows' meaning all sorts of strange crap happens. First the 2 main guys were dressed as investigators and went to an all girls high school. They had to solve many varios puzzles (I am guessing the girls created them?) from Kanji to word plays to musical challenges etc. One question led them to another and when they got to about 3 they got the code to open a trasure box in the room, which gave them part of a 'keyword' and led them to the next room. It was very interesting to watch them work. It was rather suprizing how much we all understood as well.

After that (same show) they did a "sleeping face" contest... where they woke up like 12 18-25 yr old men early in the morning, make them work out all day, then let them finally pass out at 2:30. They then did before and after comparisons of what they looked like awake and asleep. I have absolutely no idea what the point of this was, but it was still rather entertaining.

After that we turned it off and I attempted to write my speech. I am going to totally fail this thing, but I dont care. As I emailed my sensei yesterday I am basically lost in class, and if I locked myself in my room and studied I could probably learn it all, but I came to Japan to actually USE my Japanese, I can study in my room at home. I will definately do so when I get home, this book does seem to be pretty good.

(suiyoubi - wednesday)

After actually not drinking anything at all last night, I woke up absolutely exhausted today. I wasnt the only one, there were a lot of blank stares in class. That's ok. It's all good. This time it's not review. It's all new stuff to me, and I already know I am a slow learner, especially when it comes to Japanese.

After class, me and Kyle went to Book-Off, and I spent about $100. I bought about 8 volumes of manga, 4 CDs: Tommy Airlines (with DVD), Aqua Timez, a CD/DVD I cant read the kanji on (always looking for new artists) and a FREENOTE DUAL CD! - god I've been looking for them forever I also got a few Super Famicom games: Pilotwings, World Heroes, and Street Fighter 2. Oh ya, and a Game Boy Color game just cuz it was Card Captor Sakura.

We are supposed to have our speeches done by Friday, but that is completely impossible. I am about to go to now and everyone is already planning a night out tomorrow. As I said- I can sit at home and study in America.

This weekend we go to Hiroshima, which should be quite interesting. Because of the expense, no conversation partners are coming witch honestly rather blows. Everyone wants Biwako, I honestly think Hiroshima will be just as good or better, except for the fact no CPs are coming.

Oh, I got an email from my parents today that Hairy has a broken leg and several bite marks, and it may or may not be Oscar. Damn cat is getting onry in his old age... just like his master. They are both in boarding as my parents take a few days off for fun. I hope Hairy is ok and Oscar calms down. It's nice to be missed, but missed violently? That's a new one...

Greg - Just saw your comment, dont worry about it, I've already given up.

Mom - I am doing Japanese noodles for lack of a better idea.

Winston - click the pics link at the top of the Blog for all the pics you could possibly want. Tell Ryan Chibi-Ryan is pretty cool and does remind me a lot of him. I keep calling him Ryan...

Till next time- though next time may not be till Monday. Twitter will be updated more often (see right) assuming it's not broken.

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na I want to go to bed. It's 9:07, I feel old.


Anonymous said...

hey, I'm assuming you got a keitai? msg me at
ryan and I are thinking of going to kyoto during the gyon matsuri toki.

Ryan D said...

also we want to see if ueda-san(?) is still running the dorms, b/c he said 4 years ago if we ever needed a place to stay... (=

july 17-19th?