Sunday, July 13, 2008


(tabesugi - eat too much)

Another long one.. ごめん

Wednesday - After a rather uneventful morning of class, our afternoon involved going to Judo. Compared to Akido from last year and Karate from 4 years ago, this was much more serious. The 先生 (sensei - teacher) was Japan's representative in 1964 and one of his students won the 1988 Gold Medal in Los Angeles. We mostly just sat arround watching, but doing rope climbs and pushups with everyone had us all hurting for several days afterwards. Then we all got to "run" home. I ran about 100 yards then walked the rest of the ~1 mile.

After that, we walked straight into a 七夕(Tanabata - A Japanese holiday where wishes are hung on trees and granted if the night is clear) party in the Ihouse which was a lot of fun. Everyone wearing their Yukattas was nice, I'm not sure why but it really does make girls look pretier.

Thursday - After school we went to Doushisha, another college nearby where JC and Kevin are planning to 留学. (ryugaku - study abroad) It is the 5th oldest college in Japan and very nice other than I guess it's a Catholic university. I wouldnt mind spending a year in Kyoto... Afterwards we went to Mos Burger and then returned home to study.

Friday - After failing my second test and not being able to read my speech that 先生 'kindly' rewrote for me, I was very glad my 'party' went off well. About 20 people showed up in the Ihouse lobby where we talked, drank and played 鬼(oni - demon, but also what they say instead of 'tag youre it!') at 10 when everyone got kicked out, about 10 of us went down to トリのすけ(Torinosuke - a bar within walking distance) where we met about another 6 people and all had a blast. 6 of us including me did a 飲み放題・食べ放題(nomihoudai - all you can drink / tabehoudai - all you can eat) for 3000 yen (>$30) many others didnt because they said it was too expensive... seriously? I think I got my $30 worth. Anyway it was a total blast, everyone had fun. Kevin drank a bit too much and paid for it, but walked home (and actually led) just fine.

After I put the kids to bed, I was up having a couple more beers and talking world politics with Taka, A German guy and a French guy. Went to bed at 4:30.

Saturday - The plan Saturday was to relax and practice the speech, then go out later to カラオケ(karaoke) Which worked out well considering my late nite, not that I practiced much but I rested a lot. ^^; At about 4 we headed off to 四条(shijo - the name of a street (and station) that is the major nightlife and shopping area in 京都)
and ate at the 回転寿司(KaitenZushi - a sushi shop where there is a converyor belt and you just take what you want and pay by the plate at the end, almost eveerything is 100 yen (>$1)

After stuffing ourselves, we went to a desert place to induce diabetic coma. Just wait till you see the pictures (if I ever get a chance to tag and upload them.... sorry) They had over 100 different kinds of parfaits, including a couple GIGANTIC ones meant for um... entire sumo teams...

Then it was finally time to meet at the same 回転寿司 place to go off カラオケing. The place was bigger, nicer, and more expensive than Oppereta which we usually go to, and was a lot of fun. After missing the last bus and having to take the Taxi home from the last station (not that expensive, but everyone always complains) it was rest and study time again.

Sunday - YAY! The long awaited day has come, I get to see Nobuko and Minori! Me and Kyle went to 大阪 (Osaka) to meet up with them. We spent a bit of time shopping and then went to eat お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki - A Japanese specialty which I love) Where we once again ate more food than is humanly probable. For 4 people: Some meat+kimchi appetizer I couldnt eat, then 3 large お好み焼き then 2 オムそば (omsoba - noodles wrapped in an omlet) then fried tofu, then 2 more large お好み焼き with noodles, and of course a couple beers. It was seriously hard work near the end. But it was so wonderful to sit there and just talk, everyone is so nice they keep wanting to play tour guide and take us wherever we want to go, but we dont know where to go well and I really just wanted to talk with my friends.

After dinner, we did a bit of お見上げ (omiage - gifts to take home) shopping, which was all waking around not talking. So I brought up the idea of カキ氷 (kakigoori - shaved ice, but the Japanese do it so intracately...) so we went off to eat EVEN MORE and talk more. Sadly after that it was past time to leave, so we had to say goodbye. I miss them already.

There was a fun little game going on the whole time, when we first got there they bought us these deep fried cream puffs that were really good. So we bought them dinner. They then bought us the カキ氷, but before that we had already bought them some small お見上げ. As we left we gave it to them. I gave Minori a clip with Hello Kitty holding a glass of 梅酒 (umeshu - Plum wine) because she ordered some at dinner. Kyle got Nobuko Hello Kitty riding a plane cell strap.


So how are you all liking your free Japanese lessons? Hope you enjoy.

I am still hopelessly behind on pictures, but I I did put some new ones up, go check em out.

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