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[Nihon ni hashiteru - Running through Japan]
(I am embarrased to say I am not sure what particle to use, but で doesnt sound right to me for some reason)

Wow, I dont update nearly enough. Every post is long and I forget stuff. The pictures are a good supliment though as I comment on almost every one. Hopefully I will have pictures up in the next 2 days. The program is just super busy, I am just slammed with work since I am covering all new stuff for the first time and I have this darn speech to write... anyway on with it.

I'll start on Sat because it's easier... Dont remember Thursday well and Friday was an early night because of...

Saturday - At 7AM we met to head to 広島(Hiroshima)via the 新幹線(Shikansen - bullet train) We arrived around 12:30 and then took a train to 宮島(Miyajima) where I also went 4 years ago. It is a small island they have been building temples on for over 600 years and is most famous for the red tori gate in the water that is in so many Japanese travel brocures. Sadly, we only had about an hour on the island, which is about 1/3rd of the time you need to enjoy it. So we ran thru the major temple and grabbed a snack and were out. We were supposed to have more time but we missed a train previously.

From there, we headed to the 原爆ドーム(Neculear Bomb Dome) and Museum which I also went to 4 years ago. We had more time at the museum and was able to do it all. Then headed to our 旅館 (ryokan - Japanese inn) and FINALLY GOT TO PUT OUR BAGS DOWN. We took a quick shower before listening to 2 women speak who had survived the bomb drop. It was a shame everyone's camera either ran out of space or batteries for the 2nd speaker, so we only have one recorded. Listening to them speak was something very special most foreigners and I would think even Japanese people dont bother to/get to do, so it was a very special part of the trip.

After that, we had 広島style お好み焼き(okonomiyaki - a specialty food of Hiroshima and Kansai (関西)that is different in the different regions.) 広島style has noodles in it. And then went out drinking (of course!) But ended up at a 外人(gaijin - foreigner) bar because that is where Paul went and no one could find anything any better.

Sunday - After breakfast, we left the 旅館 and got back on the 新幹線 towards 京都(Kyoto) but got off at 姫路 (Himeji) to see 姫路城. (Himeji Castle) Once again it was very hot and humid and we carried our bags everywhere we went. I can normally walk for long distances just fine, but carying a bag severely shortens my endurance. My legs were aching below the knee by the end of the day. After 姫路 we got back on the 新幹線 to 京都 and bought a few things at the international super market inside 京都駅 (Kyoto Station) before returning home. I passed out at 10pm and got a good night's sleep.

Monday - Why is it whenever I get a good night's sleep I am even more tired the next day? I was exhausted all day. Got my test back in which I got a 58 (not sure what it was out of, but probably above 100) and it wasnt the lowest score. After class I did my homework, had dinner, and worked on my speech. I tagged a few pictures before bed but they are not ready to upload yet.

Tuesday -(today) Today was すみえれ幼稚園(Sumiere Kindergarden) where we attempted to teach 99 4yr olds "Old McDonald" while they stared at us. There is a Japanese version of the song which people told us they would know... they didnt. Still, it was a lot of fun. I took a lot of video.

After that, we had a break which I utilized to try to get people organized to go out Friday night, and then did 書道(shodo - kanji calligraphy) and now am sitting here trying to think of anything other than my speech to do.

Guh.. guess I'll go do it, I am sure you're sick of reading this by now.

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