Sunday, May 23, 2004

and on the seventh day, I rest

Disneyland was great fun. I havent been there in ages because I thought it was too kiddy, but I'm so glad i went.
I will be adding a very entertaining pic of us here hopefully by mon night

do i fuffil my promises or what?
I let Meldoy make almost all the decisions on what to do, which annoyed her to some extent (^^;) but as I kept pointing out, I could potentially go there anytime I wanted, so it was her day.
Besides, lots of the fun for me was just hanging out with her again after so long, it was nice to know we still get along so well. ^^
It was a bit sad to see her go, but I was so tired I wasnt really there by then anyway. The ciggarette she gave me for the ride home kept me from passing out, (thanx! ^^) but just barely.

So today is my traditional day of rest. Especially durring football season I do nothing but lay around all day. Lately tho I've been going out and having lots of fun.
However, its been making my weeks harder because I cant seem to fully recover durring the week. Might be going to see the lakers (die die die) but I'm not sure ill make it. Would be fun to make a lakers jersy with whatever his # is and replace the name at the top with "rapist" and see how long i last at the bar. ^_^

Other good news is I registered a domain name last night which was activated (your DNS will vary)about four hours ago.
Which makes me extremely reluctant to give out the address but whatever.
It's a name, not the perfect name, but its got a nice ring and is growing on me.
As I said, it was activated less than four hours ago, so its not too exciting yet.
enjoy if you can :P

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SexieChunLi said...

ok buddy, that disneyland was original with ME not the otherpreson but me..hehehhehehe better... c_c