Friday, May 07, 2004

uh-oh weblog sucks again

sorry all, lifes been pretty uninteresting, just working a lot
couple little things i got going on tho that i can ramble about ^^

1st, because i like pain, im trying to install these past few days.
At the moment im bootstrapping the system (following install guide STEP BY STEP ^^;) for the second time, because i decided to use (with advice) the 2.6 kernel and just got lost trying to switch up kernels in mid stream

2004.1 has a problem detecting and loading netcards, theres a sticky on the top of the install board that worked for me
just know theres actually TWO problems. One is an nvidia chipset problem if you dont disable firewire at the livecd boot (another reason im glad im an intel man) and the other was my problem, where it just doesnt detect the card. the forums have incredible speed to them, so go check em out. (twice i got two replies in 5 minutes)

anyway ill be sure to let you know if it boots or not when i get it done ^^;

on a more fun note i went and bought La Pucelle for play station 2 yesterday!!!

if you dont know, la pucelle is a new release from the same people who made Disgaea, im really NOT an rpg guy, in about 7th grade i decided id rather have a life then play rpgs and so i put them away (did play most of ffx but never bothered to beat it) but Disgaea is a HUGE exception to that, i bought it on a whim on the advice of my ex girlfriend and we made it a game we played together.
TECHNICALLY disgaea and la pucelle are TACTICS games, but to me the only difference is the battle system (which is MUCH BETTER than rpgs)
la pucelle is actually an OLDER game than disgaea, but they rush-translated it so they could capitalize on disgaeas success. ive passed the second chapter just now, and its a good game.
it does seem to be older than disgaea, it doesnt have all the range of items and abilities and weapon leveling that disgaea has, but im still enjoying it very much.

Disgaea is a blast, but it was a suprize hit so its really hard to get a copy, mines still at my x's...
i need to get it back...

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