Monday, May 17, 2004

Prospectors is cool, im not

even tho im sick i went out last nite, drank heavily as "cough medicine" and being drunk + sick wasnt great for my sense of balance
knocked over a drink but it only spilled on a small table and not on anybody and the bartender gave me the drink free
he also introduced me to a rusty nail- scotch and drambouie, good drink, ill have to remember that one
towards the begining of the nite it seemed as if i was going to be 5th wheel as both girls i was with were kinda there to meet guys, but it didnt flesh out that way (thankfully for me anyway)

i wasnt even the drunkest, tho unfort i dropped marie trying to cary her home ^^;;;;;
jeanine rules, she babysat us all nite and drove us home and i slept on her floor
anyway, if u live near long beach look up prospectors on a sun nite and u can kick the redheads ass for making this stupid blog

now im under the tripple threat- sick, tired and hung like a moose
hungover anyway ^^
i can only manage mindlessly chatting about old console games on irc
and posting annoying garbage here ^^;

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