Thursday, May 27, 2004

nothing shocking

Not much to post about today, getting home at 4am yesterday meant today was pretty restful ^^
Did do some work on edamamebeans including ripping off the wonderful people who run bluerobot and glish quite extensively. (hey, theyre tutorial sites, they dont mind)
Check edamamebeans often, I swear it wont always look so ugly and will have some more real content soon.
Something I'm going to introduce with this post and hopefully use often is the "Links of the day" at the end of this post. From IRC, ICQ and general surfing I find lots of fun and interesting sites everyday that just dont belong in my favorites for one reason or another (mostly becuase if I add much more I'll NEVER FIND ANYTHING.)
So anyway, enjoy!

Links of the Day

the first 64bit uh-oh
google war, showing America can rest safe
how evil is youre favorite game?
opps, you "forgot" your admin password (ya right you computer theives!)


SexieChunLi said...

everyone..his site is gonna be awesome once he gets all his html code shit together ^__________^ what is it gonna be about..? i have no clue..what is it ed..besides about you O.o...

eD said...

heh, i guess itll be a suprize for both of us, since i dont have a damned clue either ^^;