Saturday, May 01, 2004

Whoohoo! my first rant!!

I wondered how long it would be before something pissed me off and i went off about it here.

Those of you who are Californians know that the speed limit is actually more of a minimum speed than its touted "Maximum Speed"
Those of you who arent Californians- dont know how to drive. Ive driven a lot of places and seen lots of out-of-state drivers, this is true. (at least untill you add weather- Californians do NOT know how to drive in rain)

I truly believe Californians are the best drivers at least in the US. Our primary goal is to get where were going as quickly as possible and for the most part keeping out of eachothers way. (except for cutting off anyone who tries to get into our lane)
But of course, eventually you see those lights in your rearview mirror which gives you a supposed choice.
You can either pay higher insurance (which for most of us is a rediculous ammount already) or spend your time in purgatory.

which (finally) brings us to the subject of my rant,

I cant say anything bad about the guy who was the teacher, he was 72 days away from retirement and generally lax and entertaining. Although i do wonder if part of this is Stokholm Syndrome.

but anyone who actually DOES learn something in these classes- should have their liscence revoked.

it is a complete and utter waste of time, a test to see if you can stay awake no matter how bored and tired you are.
as i had to complete the program by 5/3 and i forgot about it till thursday i had to go to a court that took me almost an hour to get to, so i left my house at 6am after about 2-3 hours sleep.

i didnt shower, and as i worked out yesterday even i knew i stunk, so i truly feel sorry for those around me. but hell, it wasnt like i was gonna dress up to go to purgatory. tho i do slightly regret it because there was an incredible asian girl sitting a couple rows away from me.

i sat as far in the back corner as i could, and brought my palm which i did use thru the movies, but was generally too scared to goof off too much because if i got thrown out i wouldnt be able to go back and complete the course on time.

so i sat there, with everyone else, bored to tears just watching the clock tick slowly by

im so glad i spent my saturday in such a productive manner- lets hear it for the fine county of Orange that is the only one around that wont let you take the class anywhere else. In LA and surrounding counties you can take it online, in a comedy club, or as i just found out today, even a topless place. (if only that asian girl got topless it would have been worth it)

so theres my first rant, probably pretty incoherant, but remember im on 3 hrs sleep.

now its time to go take a nap so i can go out and cause some more trouble tonight

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