Tuesday, May 18, 2004


i have good friends, its a wonderful thing.

from Jeanine who pulls me out of my shell and takes me out, to people like Scott and Izhar i can always chill with and have fun doin nothing.

friends who live in other places i keep in contact with thru the years like Adam and John

and internet friends like PrincessV and Cyber_Akuma i can mess around and play with rather than watch tv.

today i got re-aquainted with two old friends, one being Cara, the oldest x girlfriend who still can stand the sound of my voice, who i found out is ~7 months pregnant today with a girl (^_^)

then another old friend Melody from highschool days who lives in texas called me and is in california for the week for a wedding!!
she just graduated with a masters in Electrical Engineering, definately kicking my ass (since im not even sure how to spell engineer) and is going to work for amd.
since i cant afford to buy her air-conditioned, fire retardant clothes for her new job im gonna take her to disneyland on sat (her idea)

should be fun, i cant wait

i cant name everyone here, theres many both in real life and on the internet i love, if ur mad i missed you thats what the comments section is for!

if you dont have friends, back slowly away from the keyboard and go out and get some, theyre really worth it ^_^

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