Sunday, May 16, 2004


ive been trying ot become a bit more spiritual lately

basically just trying to pay better attention to my surrounding enviroment and what its teaching me as well as what i project and seek through my attitudes and the things i do.

ive also been trying to meditate, something i rarely do but always see great benefits from.
so far my body has told me one thing:

im sick >.<

yup, pretty much the day i meditated i realized there was a part of my brain (now i realize it was my sinuses) that just wouldnt let go, and here i am 2 days later quite sick.

didnt help that i was up till almost 3 am then woke up at 8am, but thats part of listening to the world too.

i was up talking to someone i really havent talked to since early january, i almost didnt realize the phone was ringing because i had never heard the "Tainted love" ringtone i set ages ago (Changed from Shiina Ringo - Gibs) painful but a good talk.
ive been asking for help reacing the next levels of my development, and i know that means doing the difficult stuff.

its worth it.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is thatguy! Because I didn't want to make an account! Hi ed! Have fun in Japan! Bring us back pictures of hot Japanese girls!

Anonymous said...

no more phone, im your medicne :(

eD said...

if thats u SekushiV, ill take u up on ur offer ^^