Sunday, May 09, 2004

sleep deprivation

hello again, thought id update

yesterday after a little nap i went back out with some frinds to a bar called Prospectors in Long Beach

nice place, good ppl, even the bartender was cool

of course i drank and therefore spent too much and got home at 4am
woke up at 8:30 wide awake so i got up and took a shower and by the time i got out i had a message from a client that their server was down

fearing the worst i went in there and it turned out it was their email, which is hosted by their provider so there was really nothing i could do about it
then when to my other client over a minor backup issue

now its 12:30 and im home, i gotta keep myself awake till at least 1:30 to see if my client with the email problem calls back (i told them if it wasnt fixed after lunch i'd come back and call the provider)

heres hopin it works, i need sleep

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