Thursday, June 17, 2004

Exhausted and its worth it

Sick of me posting constantly yet?
Well too bad.

Today I went to Shibuya (sp?) and walked around for about 6 hours.
Needless to say I`m a bit tired and very stinky. However they wont let me take a shower for another hour. So here I am- TRYING to get this comp to read my card reader so I can upload the TONS of pictures I took.

Shinbuya is known for its shopping, and if youre female, youll probably hope to spend eterinity there when you die (maybe you SHOULD come out here mom (and andrea) (and mina ^_~)however if youre male its really under impressive. What IS impressive is a ~7 story Tower Records that has absoulutely EVERYTHING you can imagine. It was quite humorous that almost the entire bottom floor is American music, while you have to go to the second flor for Japanese music.

But before I went there, I had probably the highlight of my stay in Tokyo- Meiji Temple.
Its a shrine to the emperor and in an absolutely lush enviroment. You have to walk thru the forest for awhile to get to the temple but its not that bad and very pretty. after the temple, I saw a sign saying for 500 yen you could tour the gardens. At first I passed it up but I went back and I`m SO glad I did. It was gorgeous- just wait till you see the picks mom.

Speaking of mom, I`m sure youre even more frustrated than me about me not calling- but BELIEVE ME I`ve tried, it just doesnt work. I will get it settled when I go to Kyoto tomorrow, until then know that theres a "comments" link at the bottom of each and every blog AND theres a way to comment on my homepage in the bar on the right, just keep in mind the world can see it and try not to embarass me. ^_^;

Where was I? Hmm... anyway, I`m not sure whats on deck for tonight. I really want to go out, the problem is I have to be back by 10:30 or I`m locked out till 6:30.
Which I wouldnt mind so much, except then I have to be out of here before 10am (hostile closed from 10-3 which SUCKS) and I`m traveling to Kyoto tomorrow.
Only other thing I have to say is Tokyo is EXPENSIVE. But I havent gone that much over budget, so its ok.


SexieChunLi said...

ed becareful at kyoto, that is where kenshin almost died!!! hope your having lots of fun~~

love mina!

mom said...

Its ok that you haven't or don't call. The post on this site are almost as good as actually talking to you. Love the posts and the pix so far. It's almost as good as being there with you. Keep them coming. Love Mom