Monday, June 28, 2004

Skewl is hard... kinda

Hey all, not too much to say, besides sorry to my mom for pissing her off ^^;;;;

Hey- it WAS funny. Dont worry, I dont think she likes me much beyond saying yes to a joke.

Today we rocketed into Japanese, first with some basic room vocabulary (desk, chair, closet, etc) then positional words (this is on top/in front/behind/inside/etc that) then katakana.

ya ya i should know it all and for the most part do, but I`m baka and have forgotten some and make stupid mistakes on other things (I missed two questions on last fridays test for forgetting the " to turn ta into da and ka into ga)

My biggest problem is I always want to say complicated things that are beyond my skill level. Sure, I can say ______ wa ______ desu (blank is blank) and such but I cant say "well I think she will probably ______" or "if ______ then maybe _____" etc. So I`ve started to make my own Jisho (dictionary) of words and phrazes I want to learn, the perticular notebook is split into 4 parts, The first two are dedicated to the Jisho proper, with 2 pages per english alphabetical letter, then the third part is for sentance structures (I WILL learn how to say if _____ etc) and the 4th for Kanji. Hopefully itll help me learn to write it down, its strange not doing it electronically ^^;;

On other notes, Frank, I renamed the directory to "redundantjapan" or some such, please back it up asap as I need to delete it to post any more pics. you can find the dir under

I also see some of you are commenting on my pictures in the gallery, COOL! I didnt even know you could do that and remember wishing people could. It is expensive to call, but I plan on calling a few of you, just timing is verry difficult. Basically 8am is 4pm yesterday in ca, and about 2am is 6am yesteday.

Andrea, youre funny.

Jeanine, so are you.

Cara, congrats, I know having your marriage recognized by the church is important to you.

Adam, youre just a drunk ^^

John, where the hell are you.

And yes I know things are getting boring lately, but as I calculate it its about ep 17 of David Muyo! so its time for some fan service, Stay tuned- the Onsen episode is coming up!!!


Anonymous said...

i told you i wouldnt have a drink until you got back oh shit just spilled my beer ...... can i have my computer back if u decide to stay.. got batteries for the palm though i have yet to turn it on :) i went and picked up oscar last weekend he always liked me better anyways anyways sent that Stacy girl over here oh go to Shinjuku Station and um well have fun :) laterssssssssssssss


Anonymous said...

man i cant spell