Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I just signed legislation that outlaws AOL forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.

ahh if Ronnie was president now.

Watching the state funeral today, its like watching history.
I was a bit young durring 'the Reagan years' to really have many political views.
But I do remember Challenger, and I remember "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall" and the wall comming down a few months later.

For the most part, his famous quotes (warning popups) are new to me.
Its funny how just a few weeks before I was thinking how no political leaders just tell it straight anymore, they use flowery wussy language, even when theyre trying to sound strong, for fear they might offend ANYBODY.

Reagan told it straight, and I think people really miss that in the Bush/Clinton/Bush era. Bush 2 is too afraid of public speaking to say most anything not writen for him, and Clinton had much style but very little substance.

Its no wonder why the loss of Ronald Reagan is felt so deeply.
I really wish I could have gone up to Santa Barbra to see him while he was there, but work and packing would not allow a 10 hr roud trip to do it. I do hope to go to the library where he rests when I get back from Japan.

On other notes, just as I thought, my last week in America is hectic, with my clients ringing my phone off the hook and many minor and major obstacles coming up. (where oh where did I put my plane tickets?!?)

I know in the end everything will work out tho, it has to. ^^

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