Saturday, June 19, 2004

Slow day

Today we had orientation and presentations on the diferent weekend activities that are available- I want to do them all.
Then we had a wecoming party where we met our conversation partners. Mine was the only one that couldnt make it T-T. Oh well, still got to talk with lots of people and have fun. Hangin out with Johnathin (who is the one speaking in the video and my official translator since he knows a TON of Japanese and kanji) most of the day, I sat next to him in orientation in Febuary. Finding the atm was a nice adventure, but theres one close by on the campus. next to it is a "family market" (but I already have a family....) where idol dvds can be bought >.> and a mac donalds. It all closes at 5pm tho and we got there at about 4:57. I was lucky to get money. A big group of us are planing on going out to the bar tonite.

Tomorrow theres an organized tour to several of the temples (Kyoto is famous for having so many ancient temples, one big reason is it wasnt much of a target in WW2) so expect LOTS of pics as I love that stuff. Uploading pics now, tho theres not much.

Frank, thanks for everytihng, if you can continue to do that I would really apreciate it, however im not going to delete pics off my device till I absolutely HAVE to.

Mina, your away message the other day perplexed me.

Everyone else, stay safe and happy

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Anonymous said...

eD! hi :D , its MrBallz :P , i`ve been reading your blogs, very cool stuff all you`re doing ... hope u take pics of pretty girls and send them to me :D , anyways, have lots of fun, try to learn lots of japanese so we can "practice":P , take care .. bye bye ... MrBallZ