Thursday, June 24, 2004

Renshuu > hon no benkyou

been interesting, I plan on posting pictures from this week probably today after class. Wed nite I hung out with some of the girls of the floor and Jason, a year-long transfer student from two floors above me. It was quite entertaining as we all were doing better in Japanse after a few beers than before.
Then it was a whopping 3 hours sleep and off to class again, where I am once again bored to tears. No, we havent started Katakana yet. Thing is I`m not qualified for the intermediate class, for instance on the homework the other day I for got to put "desu" on the end of several sentances, which is just stupid, but it was more an issue of me rushing because I feel I know it than not knowing it. Thankfully the teacher is allowing me to move forward a bit faster than the others, being more critical of my handwriting (argh!) and grammar, and being supportive when I mess around with the little kanji I know.

Definately the highlight of the day is the conversation partners. Its great for both them to practice English and me to practice Japanese, with their kanji translator and my palm doing at least some of the work for each of us, and both of us wishing we had the others toy ^^

For yesterday and today, I`t was Natsumi-san again, when I compliment her english she says "tsank yuu" and I melt. I may have interesting news on that front tomorrow, entertaining at the least.

Today, its off to class in the pourning rain (hmm... I need a jacket...) with our first test last period. I didnt study at all, no need to, I`m thinking of other parts of the day, like getting to class in the rain, lunch with the conversation partner, and an okanomiyaki party in the dorms tonight.

On a side note yet not a small thing, I have a host family for the weekend of July 4th. It was a hard decision wether to take it or not because I`m enjoying my freedom and its two hours away so I will miss some of the best tours of the trip, but its an experience I will never again be offered.

mom, frank- check the comments to the last post, I replied.
Ill be calling you guys sometime tomorrow probably and we can discuss the feasibility of a care package.

thats it for now

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