Sunday, June 20, 2004

Mr Davids Wild Ride

Wow, quite a day. Actually 2 days, but one if you go by sleep.

Went out the night of day4- took some pictures but I`m in some of them and I HATE pictures of me so some may have to be censored to protect the ugly (me)

Anyway, time was rather irrelevant but we left the bar around 5-6am then went to go eat, then back home around 7:30. I meant to down for 5 minutes before I took a shower, but it became an hour nap. Then up and out to go on a tour of some of the temples of Kyoto then shopping (anime fans will love some of the picks) then we ate and FINALLY got home at about 10pm. Coma ensued.

Wow, a hell of a lot happened and its a two paragaph blog, thats sad. However, I will be captioning the pics so basically I have two blogs now.

Anyway - HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!! without you this would not be possible and I love you for it. Im glad I was finally able to call you. (YAY!)

Oscar, dont worry, I swear I`m coming home and I miss you, youre one big reason why I`m only kidding when I say I`m never coming home. Everybody else too.

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Anonymous said...

what up looks like your havin a blast as i figured....anyways i got batteries for the palm i no your happy .. hit me up when u get a chance your pal

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