Thursday, June 03, 2004

Whatever happens, happens

- Spike, Cowboy Bebop, "pierre le fou" (<-even my non anime friends would like this show)

Heard that last nite as i went to bed. Its a good philosophy.

Today I did some more work on turning in the very last of my paperwork and getting an international student and hostile card. Found out theyre having trouble finding me and one other student host families.
One of the things I dislike about being a vegitarian is imposing on others when they invite me over
Im guessing that its probably a big part of the problem, esp since I dont eat fish in a traditionally seafaring (hey its just a big island) nation.
If I have to live in the dorms I'll live, but I was really hoping for the imersive experience
Im verry timid in japanese and given the option to speak English I do which is a big problem in my learning.
Ill prob go out and party more in the dorms, thats one thing I was worried about with a host family is being able to go out, so as long as I get my work and learning done itll be worh it.

afterall, whatever happens, happens

Links of the day!

Domo-kun vs the Power Puff Girls stolen from Hibiki on aniverse, this is the best flash game I've played in awhile. It changes often, so if you dont like part of it just beat it. Any fan od 80's video games will love it ^_^
Acts of Gord This is one of those sites you spend 2 days rading and dont mind at all. Its a hillarious collection of stories of one asshole who oned a video game store in Canada and had to deal with theves, idiots, piracy and all sorts of other pranks and idiocies.

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