Tuesday, June 29, 2004


well weve ROCKETED into Japanese yet again today, weve hit mid-chapter 4 of Nakama already.

Some of you have been wanting email, well then use edroach@edamamebeans.com , I`m gonna try to check it twice a day at least.

I cant upload any more pictures till some nice person with a windows xp laptop (Ryan-sama!) lets me use their comp for about 2 hrs to resize all the pics that are currently there and reupload them.

My fiance, Natsumi-san is still cute as a button, and I have a LOT of studying to do tonight, tho not with her. My other conversation partner rules too, we`ll be partying this weekend together. Anyway, short post, try to go on with your boring lives.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention, this is the third post I`m doing while wearing a yukata, of which I look quite pimp in, and is my official `lounging around the dorms` outfit` (esp now that I`m doing laundry and only wearing boxers under it ^^)

anyway, jya

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mom said...

6/29/04 11:00AM Tried your edroach e-mail address and it didn't work. I need to know what you want in the care package? Where do I send it? How soon do you need it? Answer ASAP!Mom