Thursday, July 01, 2004

what to blog, what to blog

Today really wasnt too exciting. Yesterday there was a bit of a dinner party which was fun but not overly exciting. There was a Japnese drinking game taught to us which I took some videos of. (no I didnt play, I`m too un-coordinated) We have our 2nd test tomorrow which I should be studying for atm, but instead I`m here uploading pics for everyone.

I`m still not overly worried about the test, out of about 20 kanji theres 2 I havent studied before,(kawa and watashi) and I know ko/so/a/do (tho I have to read a bit on when to use which ending) the only part that kinda bothers me is making adjectives into nouns by adding `no` Sure, its not a hard concept, I just dont know enough english to know WHY the hell I would want to do that (but I can identify the blanks I`m supposed to do it in.)

Said pics wont be officially added until tomorrow, but you tech-savy people can probably hunt them down. No need tho, its better with captions.

Speaking of tech-savy, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ANIVERSE. I leave for 3 weeks and a mass plague kills aniverse and everyone I knew on it. ICQ, Email or comment here missing friends! (btw my email should work fine now, edroach_at_edamamebeans_dot_com)

This weekend is the onsen episode of David Muyo!, but I think I`ll save the details for fri or saturday morning.

Not much else, oh ya, thanks to my fiance`s (who doesnt like me anymore but oh well) cool friend Taka, I can now get slapped in 3 dialects. Official Japanese (unsure of dialect name) which we all mess around with pick up lines in, Kansai-ben (ben = dialect), which is what Kyoto area speaks, and Hiroshima-ben, which is where Taka is from. Go up to your favorite girl from Hiroshima and say `omae wa ore no onna jyaken` and earn yourself a nice hand mark on your face (literally it only means `youre my woman` but its VERY informal)

anyway, off to study


Anonymous said...

hey dave what was your icq message again about your email. write it to me again. this is frank. oh yeah i need a digital camara, so see what you can do haha! lates, hope you are enjoying the sake!

eD said...

nm on the icq, even lame AIM should have a history button tho

and you dont want me to buy you a camera unless you want to carry a power converter around with it everywhere you go