Monday, July 26, 2004

meccha nemui

Went to Miajima island today, it was absolutely beautiful. Its an island basically dedicated to temples and shrines for over 1000 years and of course now has tons of tourist shops.

I finally got to see a beach! it was about 5 feet of beach but it was a beach! The waves were (not)breaking steadily at about 3 inches, my surfer friends are sure to be jealous. I also finally got to hike!! Of course it was up a MOUNTAIN.... >.< thankfully not NEAR as big as Saddleback (definately far more beautiful tho) but definately tiring with no water :P Btw Jason if youre reading this, I met Jeff the god of air conditioning on Miajima. I came up on a small buhhdist shrine in the middle of nowhere on the path and al of a sudden my legs were cold, it was like sitting in front of an air conditioner- so of course I sat down a bit. Jeff is my new hero too. (the only explination for this that I can think of is that the crack nearby lead to the top of the mountain, but an hour later the top wasnt NEAR that cool.)

By the time I got back down (btw it WAS worth it) most every shop and restraunt was closed (hey it was REALLY LATE.... 7pm... >.<) BUT the place I saw in the morning that I said "thats where I"m having dinner' was still open- so I got to have Hiroshima style okanomiyaki for dinner!!! (sorry to all my Kansai friends, I prefer Hiroshima style.) I also got to watch LIVE Inu Yasha and Detective Konan, sure to piss off all my otaku friends.

Miajima is designated as one of the 'three most beautiful views of Japan' No, I have no earthly idea where the other two are. But I know where the most beautiful people of Japan are- Kyoto. I really cant wait to go back.

But it has to wait. Tomorrow I'm going to see the big hole in the ground in Hiroshima and see if I come back glowing in the dark (wont I be a hit at raves then!) I hear the museum is a sight to behold, so Ill definately be doing that too.

Then off to Kyoto!!!

EDIT: cara, I just saw your blog and pictures- CONGRATULATIONS!!! for everyone that doesnt know what im taking about

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ricah said...

hey david, ryan wanted to let you know that he was sorry for being unreachble since his cell has been out since tuesday. as for me i'm glad to hear all is well for you in miajima. one more week and we'll both be going back home can you believe it?! (maybe we can try to meet you in the airport) Anyways I just want to let you know that what's in the past is in the past. so take care and hopw to hear from you soon.