Monday, July 19, 2004

just a few things

well, Im out in about 2 hours, hopefully get to tokyo in time to make it worth going to disney sea.
Amanda, I know youll never read this but I will always consider you a good friend and I`m sorry for your loss.
Mom, I get home Aug 2nd- guess you dont miss me too much if you forgot eh? ^^
btw- its much muggier here than Ca. 
Frank, thanks but I think you have the newer files. Do still keep them, but I got a friend online to get the rest.  (nice job on the laptop btw)
Andrea, best of luck, I will be there for you and I`m glad for any help I can give you.
Winston- be a survivor! They cant all be like the bitch from the 3rd floor ^^
anyway- ja

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